A very capable multi-function unit for a variety of creative uses.

  • (+) or (-) switch type input
  • Easy to understand hookup
  • PWM (pulse width modulation) for smooth voltage control
  • User select-able flash rate/voltage control
  • Simple screw terminal connections
  • Built in protection
  • 6/12 volt compatible
  • 2 year replacement warranty

*Do not over torque screw terminals/ solder wire tips for secure connections*

  1. Set function jumper to Flashing output or Voltage output
  2. Set switch  jumper to (-) switch or (+) switch
  3. Determine a mounting location for unit  (keep away from heat, water does not affect unit)
  4. Connect “positive” (+) power source wire to Becky screw terminal pin 1
  5. Connect a “ground” (-) wire to Becky screw terminal pin 2
  6. Connect one side of switch wire to screw terminal pin 3, the other switch wire should go to (+) or (-) depending on switch jumper selection
  7. Connect screw terminal pin 4 to (+) of device being controlled by Becky
  8. Turn on bike
  9. Turn trimmer to control voltage or flash rate
  10. Turn on switch to test functionality
  11. Bundle wires and mount unit
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