We are an engineering and manufacturing company.

Specific to motorcycle electronics and electrical.

NUUT Canada design and manufacture electronic products for a functional motorcycle. We are not a lifestyle brand. NUUT do not make or sell over-priced stickers and trinkets, just products that will help you complete your motorcycle build or improve its functionality.

We believe in a quality product at a reasonable price, utilizing modern technologies and manufacturing methods. Proudly designed and made in Canada, by motorcycle enthusiasts with an extensive career in automotive technologies. We love bikes and love working on them.

Our products are designed smartly based on experience. Just a better, smarter way.

****Specifically design and made for motorcycle use only.  Not for CAR use. On board ECM (electronic counter measures) combats the use of any of our product in a car environment.****



Contact us at any time between
8am - 5pm (MT), Monday to Friday.


General Inquiries: info@nuut.ca
Sales Inquiries: sales@nuut.ca
Technical Support: headnerd@nuut.ca



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