Time to start your bike more efficiently without a problematic and sticky mechanical solenoid. 

  • (+) or (-) starter switch input
  • Clutch safety switch input with bypass control
  • Easy to understand hookup
  • Massive 200amp capable starter output
  • Simple screw terminal connections
  • Built in protection
  • 6/12 volt compatible
  • All digital operation and silent
  • 2 year replacement warranty

 *Do not over torque screw terminals/ solder wire tips for secure connections*

  1. Locate factory starter solenoid
  2. Disconnect battery (-) terminal
  3. Determine a mounting location for unit (keep away from heat, water does not affect unit)
  4. Connect “key” power (+) also known as “ignition” power (+) to Cranky screw  terminal pin 1
  5. Connect a “ground” (-) wire to Cranky screw terminal pin 2
  6. Connect clutch switch (-) to Cranky screw terminal pin 3 (clutch switch should be (-) trigger)
    ** 1 side of switch to “ground” (-) other side to Cranky **
    ** If no clutch switch, leave pin 3 blank and flip “clutch bypass” switch to “ON” **
  7. Select starter switch polarity type (+)/(-) by placing jumper to proper position
  8. Connect starter button switch to Cranky screw terminal pin 4
  9. Connect starter motor (+) wire from old starter solenoid to lug 2
  10.  Connect battery (+) from old starter solenoid to lug 1
  11. Connect battery (-) terminal
  12. Turn bike on and start bike to test functionality
  13. Bundle wires and mount unit


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