Momentary push button compatible

Latching switch compatible

Multi-function button input

Negative type input

6 selectable flash patterns

Onboard digital flasher

Mode selections

Lane change mode with timeout

*in Push Button style version

Turn signal timeout

*in Push Button style version

Intelligent signal light change-over

*in Push Button style version

Hazard light functionality

Headlight auto-dim when signaling

Smart Flash-to-Pass function

Logical start button function input/output

Engine power input/output

Clutch input/output

Brake input/output

Brake light auto-hold

Smart flashing brake light

Dedicated dash / gauge / dummy light outputs

Oil warning input/output

Neutral switch input/output

Master light switch input

Headlight HI/LO control

Horn input/output (+/-)

eGUARD multi-point protection system

Independent auto-reset fuses
for each channel onboard

2 year comprehensive
replacement warranty



Wireless switch compatible

Plug & Go switch compatible


You have the option of getting the main unit by itself or pick one of the Value Packs which comes with a set of pre wired traditional switch housings that plugs straight into the MORTY module for quick and easy install.


( Main unit only )

Value Pack 1

( Morty + SSW0T )

Value Pack 2

( Morty + SSW1T )

Value Pack 3

( Morty + SSW2T )

Value Pack 4

( Morty + SSWHD )

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